How To Find a Good Body Piercing Shop

The industry relies heavily on recommendations from their clients.  Many local piercing shops will have a website or possibly an ad in a tattoo and piercing magazine.  Reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and so on are also a good place to get a general idea. But overall, word of mouth drives the industry. So how should you go about finding a good body piercing shop?

Ask around.  Don’t hesitate to ask a stranger, most will gladly tell you where they had their work done.  Get a few ideas this way and go check out some shops.

How to Find a Good Body Piercing ShopSo the question is how do you tell if a piercing shop is up to par?  As said before a good verbal recommendation is a good start.  After all, would you basically advertise for a shop that you felt screwed you over?  I know I wouldn’t.

When deciding on where to get your piercing done it is important to feel comfortable.  If this is your first piercing it is normal to be a bit nervous.  The piercing shop should look and feel professional, not seedy or run down.  Trust your instincts, if it doesn’t feel right move on.

A good piercing shop will be clean.  All jewelry and needles should be sterile and fresh out of the package.  The piercer should be wearing gloves.  A good body piercer will answer whatever questions you have about the procedure.  Again if you feel that proper actions aren’t being taken to ensure your safety you can still go elsewhere.  It’s not too late until the need is through.

Afterwards, your piercer should provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.  You can also refer to our pages on body piercing aftercare.

So you love your new piercing.  A tip is always welcome for a job well done.  How else can you help your local piercing shop?  A recommendation to a friend can go a long way.  It’s the best form of advertisement.