Body Piercing FAQs: Getting Answers

Q1.  Is there anything I should do to prepare for the piercing?

A.  Yes, you should eat with 4 hours of your piercing.  Bring a sugary snack or drink with you.  Depending on your state you may need it.  For minors, you will need a guardian and possibly notarized proof of guardianship.  It will save you some time and trouble if you check with the shop ahead of time.

Q2. How much do piercings usually cost?

A.  In general, a piercing will run between 30 to 70 dollars.  This is a very rough number though because of the many factors involved.  The jewelry used, the area pierced, and the individual shop will all affect the price.  Remember that a bargain or cheap piercing is not necessarily a good deal.

Q3.  Does a piercing hurt?

A.  Depending on the area some piercings hurt more than others.  Many describe the feeling of moderate pressure on the area.  Or a quick pinch.  The process is very quick, many people get worked up preparing for it and then it’s over in a flash.  You’ll be fine, trust me.