Body Piercing, Jewelry and Aftercare

Everyone knows the feeling of wanting something and wanting it now.  That feeling often applies to body piercings, whether it’s your first or tenth.  That next one is always the one you just can’t live without.  Take the time and perform the proper body piercing aftercare and your new piercing should heal quite well.

Industrial Ear Piercing - Body Piercing
Industrial Ear Piercing

Perhaps a friend just got their nose pierced and you’ve been dying to get one for months. Or maybe you passed someone on the street with a conch piercing that would look great on you.  The need for a piercing can be quite a powerful impulse.

The piercing sure can be a rush, and there’s a feeling of satisfaction knowing you’ve completed the process without passing out or freaking (it’s rare but it does happen).

Before you jump into things though it is important to take some steps to ensure your body piercing is as enjoyable as possible.  By enjoyable I mean that you like the placement and how it looks on you, the piercing and transfer are relatively painless, and very importantly you avoid infection through proper aftercare.

This site is devoted to getting you the best information on what to do before, during and after getting pierced.  Much of proper aftercare seems like common sense but it’s easy to forget especially after you’ve had the piercing a few weeks.

One more thing, please do not try to pierce yourself or let a friend do it.  You’re asking for an infection and in the long run, it will cost more, cause more pain and could lead to serious infection.  Really, it’s worth the money to let a professional do what they do.

Below are links for your before, during, and aftercare.

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